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Who Needs a Lubricant? Michael Krychman MD

Although many men and women think sexual lubricants are only for older people, it’s not shocking to realize that over 50% of lubricant users are young healthy sexually dynamic individuals who use lubricants to enhance sexual prowess and pleasure.
Here is a short list of special groups of people who may specifically benefit from the use of a lubricant.

Anyone looking to enhance pleasure and prolong sexual excitement
Sexual lubricants can enhance sexual pleasure, promote long sexual sessions and improve friction during sexual intimacy. The proper use of lubricants can turn a hum drum sexual interlude into a dynamic love making session.

Breastfeeding women
Women who are exclusively breastfeeding often experience a rapid decline in their hormone levels which turns their vaginal tissues pale frail and inelastic. Sex often becomes pain and the tissues so irritated that many women avoid intercourse all together. Lubricants can save the day.

Medications that affect Sexual Arousal or Excitement
There are over 300 medications which can cause severe painful vaginal dryness. Some of the common culprits include oral contraceptives and anti­histamines which can leave your tissues parched and irritated. Check with your health care professional to see if your medications are impacting your sexual comfort. Lube is a simple safe solution.

Medical Conditions that Impact Vaginal Lubrication
Certain medical conditions like spontaneous or chemical menopause, chemotherapy and some rheumatological conditions can directly or indirectly impact vaginal health and cause vaginal dryness and pain during sex. For some, an over the counter non­ hormonal lubricant is the easiest and safest solution.

Menopause and Andropause
As we age, sexual function changes for both men and women. A man may take a medication to help maintain and prolong his erections, women, on the other hand, may need more time to be aroused and maintain excitement. The duration of intercourse may be prolonged and lubricant may be a source of comfort during longer sessions of love­making. 

Q&A with Dr. Barb DePree

Dr. Barb DePree has been a gynecologist in West Michigan for more than 25 years. In April 2010 she launched to help answer women’s questions about sexual health. Visit her site for more information about women’s health and sexual wellness.

Q:Which of your patients do you recommend lube to?

A:When women come to my consulting practice they begin by filling out an eight-page intake form. About 10 of the questions address their experience with intercourse, and if I notice any responses about discomfort or even dissatisfaction with sex, I bring up lube and talk to them about how it might help

Q:What can cause discomfort with sex?

A:Burning and pain during intercourse are more common than people realize. Menopause causes hormones to change, decreasing production of natural lubrication, and there are certain pelvic conditions and surgeries that result in the need to use lube

Q:So is lube mostly for older women?

A:Definitely not! Even hormone-based birth control options can cause dryness, and breast cancer survivors are often younger women who experience premature menopause and are left without hormone options. Lube can be very helpful for younger women for a variety of reasons.

Q:What drives you to do the work that you do in your office and on your website?

A:My overwhelming concern is that women are just giving up and opting out of sex as they get older and it becomes uncomfortable. My goal, my personal mission, is to help women never get to the point where they decide to opt out of sex.

Uberlube talks to stylist and hair product creator, Steven Lightfoot

Steven Lightfoot is a Master Hair Stylist and Colorist who currently resides in Portland Oregon and frequently travels back and forth between New York City, where he has worked with some of the city’s best stylists. Steven is also a Product Development Expert and has helped create and steer some of the best hair care brands in the industry. His vast knowledge of product chemical formulation, hair appliances, and hair education development has given the companies he works for the edge tocreate and manufacture the best possible tools and education programs for the professional stylist.

Q:Why do you like Uberlube for style?

A:There are lots of reasons, but one of the big ones is the simplicity of the ingredient list and the quality of the ingredients. Everyone in the industry knows what silicone is, but not everyone realizes there are different levels of chemical quality within a particular ingredient set. Uberlube is the highest-grade, medical quality silicone, not industrial grade, which makes a big difference. If you can’t put it IN your body why would you put it ON your body? Plus it’s fragrance-neutral, so it doesn’t mess with your favorite shampoo scent.

Q:What are your favorite ways to use überlube?

A:One of the best things about überlube is its versatility. It creates a tangle free, highly conditioned, incredibly shiny hair texture, so it’s a great finishing product. It’s also an amazing product cutter. You can take your favorite wax and mix a pump of überlube in for a softer wax, or you can add it to your matte paste for some added shine. Basically, it lets you add different levels of viscosity to any product you want, so you can tailor it to the type of hair and desired effect.

Q:Do your clients ever act surprised or worried that you’re using lube on their hair?

A:I’ve been using überlube in public styling settings for more than eight years. Sure, people ask me about it when they see the word ‘lube’ in the name, but it just starts a conversation, which is part of what I do. If you’re a professional and explain how you use überlube and why you think it’s the best, people will trust you. Also, the appearance of the bottle is very appealing. Everyone is drawn to it.

Q:Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A:It was really important to me to find a U.S. manufacturer of a high-grade silicone lubricant that I could use as a style product. I stumbled upon überlube several years ago and loved that the ingredient list is so basic. It follows the same criteria I use when creating my own style products: It’s simple, versatile, and safe. It’s just hands-down better than any other silicone product I could find.

Uberlube talks with Laura Fitzpatrick of Oh Baby Lingerie in Portland, OR

Q:Why did you decide to carry Uberlube?

A:There are so many kinds [of lube] we’ve tried and rejected. Over the years I’ve probably tried 25 different types of lube personally—I bring them home just because I want to know what to carry in the store. My husband has hated every one of them except Uberlube, which he loved. Now I only carry two kinds of lube: Uberlube and a water-based lube.

Q:Why do your customers like überlube?

A:Becauseit’s slippery without being sticky, and it lasts a long time. People also love the bottle and the pump, because it looks great and is easy to use. überlube is just the best. It’s clean, simple, sophisticated, and it does what it’s supposed to do, as well as many other things. We have samples out for people to take home, and I would say almost everyone who tries it comes back to buy a bottle within a week. It sells itself.

Q:Do you use überlube for any of its other uses?

A:It’s a great cuticle oil, and I also use it on the edges of my hair. I’m a swimmer and it keeps my hair from frizzing out. The other uses for überlube make it fun, and can be an entry point to talk about lube.

Uberlube talks with long-distance runner, Jacq Jones

Q:Why did you start using überlube on your runs?

A:Before I started running I had no idea how painful chafing could be. If you’re female, there’s a good chance you’re going to have inner-thigh-rubbing, and when you’re sweating it’s even worse because of the salt in sweat. Sports bras also cause chafing during a long run.

Q:What makes überlube better than other sport lubes you’ve tried?

A:It keeps working a really long time. My first marathon was the New York Marathon, and that one application of überlube worked the entire race without feeling sticky and gross. The pump also makes it really easy to apply where you need it. I’ve tried other kinds that come in a stick form, and it’s really hard to get it in the places you really need it.

Q:Have you used überlube for any sports other than running?

A:At [my store] Sugar, we hosted a fundraiser for Ride for the Feast, a 100-mile bike ride that goes from Ocean City, Maryland to Baltimore. It’s a fundraiser to help get meals to people with HIV and other health issues. überlube supplied samples for all the cyclists—they were excited about using it